ASB Officers 2014-2015

2014-2015 ASB Officers 26

President – Paige Vincent

Hi! My name is Paige Vincent and I am this year’s ASB President! I am 19 years old and I am from Lewiston, Idaho but I attended high school in the small town of Colton, Washington.  I chose to come to WWCC because it was the number one community college in the nation, and I had the opportunity to continue to play basketball at the colligate level.  Currently I am working towards receiving my Associates degree in Arts as well as completing all of my prerequisite courses for nursing so that I can later transfer to a 4 year university and get into their nursing program.  I am very excited for our new 2014-2015 ASB team because it is full of creative, ambitious people with plenty of great ideas that will help make our school a better place.  I would love for anyone to ask questions and bring ideas to the table, so please don’t be afraid to talk to any of the ASB officers, including myself! I am looking forward to next year and believe that with your help, it will be one of the best! Go Warriors!




Executive Vice President- Courtney Davis2014-2015 ASB Officers 09

Hello! (: My name is Courtney Davis and I am this year’s 2014-2015 Executive Vice President! I am a 19 year old from small town Deer Park, Washington who decided to come to WWCC for its excellent academic record and to play on the Women’s’ Basketball team. After I graduate I plan to transfer to a four-year institution to continue my education. I have played basketball, volleyball, softball, and track competitively my entire life. I love the outdoors and exploring new places or trying new things. I am excited for the new school year and to be a part of this year’s ASB team! Get ready for another great year Walla Walla!






2014-2015 ASB Officers 19

Business Vice President – Karli McHone

Hello! My name is Karli McHone and I am this year’s 2014-2015 Business Vice President.  I was born and raised in the extremely small town of Glenns Ferry, Idaho.  I chose to attend Walla Walla Community College because I was recruited to play basketball and because it was a huge step up from small town life in Glenns Ferry.  This will be my second year at WWCC and I have enjoyed every bit of it.  I am getting my AA degree here and then I will transfer to a 4 year university to hopefully continue playing basketball and get my bachelor’s degree.  Then I plan to attend an ODS school and get my dental hygiene license.  Outside of school, I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I love being outdoors and being active.  I played basketball, softball, and volleyball my whole life so I have always been super busy but have learned to manage my time well because of it all.  I am so excited to be a part of this AWESOME ASB group next year! I am a very driven and helpful person and can’t wait to get started and begin another great year here at WWCC!!




2014-2015 ASB Officers 32

Activities Vice President – Brooks Malm

Hi! I’m Brooks Malm, your 2014-2015 Activities Vice President. I grew up in a small town in Idaho. I went to high school at Troy, there I played basketball and was fortunate enough to find my way to Walla Walla Community College to continue my basketball career. I am a very open person, and am more than willing to answer any questions if one should ever occur. I would also love to hear any ideas for future activities, and hope to have great turnouts at all ASB hosted events. Thank you for helping me become a member of your ASB team, I hope to make next year a great experience for all. Go Warriors!






2014-2015 ASB Officers 30

Media and Technology Vice President – Lainey Corbett

Hi! My name is Lainey Corbett and I am your 2014 – 2015 Media and Technologies Vice President. Some of my duties include maintaining the ASB website, editing the Warrior Weekly and updating the ASB Facebook page. I am from Pendleton, Oregon, just south of Walla Walla. I came to Walla Walla Community College to play basketball and because it was close to my family. I am currently working on my Associate of Arts degree and after completing it I plan to transfer to a four-year university to study psychology. I am very excited to be a part of ASB this year. As an ASB team we are committed to making sure you have a great experience here at WWCC. My door is always open and I am more than willing to answer any questions you might have. Go Warriors!










ASB Executive Assistants 2014-2015

Executive Assistants help the WWCC ASB Officers and ASB Advisors with various student activity related tasks and events all year. It’s a great way to get involved with your student government!