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SGA Mission Statement

Provide diverse and innovative programs, activities, and services that allow for academic, personal and professional development that align with our institution’s core themes. Empower students to become active leaders and citizens who meaningfully engage on and off campus.

Student Government Association General Assembly 2018-2019
  • Ricky Aguilar, SGA President
  • Max Titus, SGA Vice President
  • Jon Johnson, SGA Treasurer
  • Angel Liang, SGA Secretary
  • Aline Uwase , Senator for Arts & Sciences
  • Sandrine  Iradukunda, Senator for Bachelor Programs
  • Aaron Bird, Senator for Veteran Students
  • Katherine Ayerdis, Senator for International Students
  • Ornella Usanase, Senator for Transitional Studies
  • Vince Ruzicka – Assistant Director of Student Activities